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Our company was founded in 2013 by two partners with many years of experience in the sector. Our founding purpose is primarily to provide engineering services and material supply to companies operating in the Energy and Telecommunication sectors.

OMSE, which continues to expand its reach and capacity day by day, is a management and consultancy company that provides services in the fields of steel construction - production - projects.



We carry out the engineering, design and detailing activities of lattice, polygonal and circular steel structures in sectors such as telecommunications, substations, lighting and transportation superstructure, with our experienced engineers, using up-to-date programs such as PLS-Tower, TNXTower, Xsteel, AutoCad, Autodesk Inventor; We also provide consultancy services to companies on this subject.

Professional Project and Process Management

Transparency is our motto. We keep you informed with daily and weekly reports and information flows, and we manage all processes together thanks to the cooperative and proactive attitudes of our employees.

We consider quality as the most important factor to satisfy our customers and establish strong relationships. Along with our Transparent Process Management, QA/QC processes meticulously undertaken by our experienced employees are our most important trump card that distinguishes us from other companies.